Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Women in Business Forum - first time in Moscow

Women in Business forum will be held first time in Moscow this year - on the 26th of April.
The forum will roll from 14-00 until 17-00 on Wednesday - and the organizers believe that a lot of business women can show up. Admission is by invitation, you have to submit CV to get be considered. I have the invitation, but I'm not sure I can come since I'm busy working the day it is organised.
At the moment the program is as follows:
  • Two workshops: "Women Entrepreneurs, Myth vs Reality", "The Importance of Relationship Building"
  • Panel Debate: "Having It All, Is It Really Possible?"
  • Company presentations by GE, Shell, L'Oreal, PricewaterhouseCoopers.

It will be a pity if I cannot come, because the event seems to be interesting. Anyway, there will be another Forum - in London on the 22 of September and... who knows?

YES - from Oxford

Finally got an e-mail from Oxford, saying that I've been offered a place and they sent the letter to me by mail about a month ago. Nice :) Great. Fantastic! Wo-hoo! I have a chance to become a great Computer Science specialist :)
So I'll have to wait for the letter to come and then, I hope, I will know all the details.
I understand why they want to write the decision on paper, but why not inform people by e-mail before the letter comes? It would be great to have a letter on the 1st of May, saying, 'If you do not contact us until the end of April...'

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Nothing from Oxford yet, research for B-schools and thank you note

I am still waiting to hear from Oxford. In their catalogue the decision was due on the 17th of March, in e-mail I got before the interview they hoped to inform prospective students by the end of March. Here we are in the midst of April and no answer yet. I've searched for some kind of forum (like Business Week forums) to find other applicants, but with no success. I've sent adcoms 2 e-mails already, which remained unanswered. I know I have to dare a phone call :)

Meanwhile I decided to take seriously the advice to look at US schools and started my research. Two initials on my list are Harvard and Stanford. I promised to a friend that I will apply to Harvard (nice answer to 'Why HBS' question, right?), and Stanford looks good for further career in IT.
And of course, I will reapply to LBS. On the happy note, this year LBS bloggers community seems to have expanded beyond limit :) 5 people and the term has not even started. Fantastic!
It feels a bit strange to find the links to my blog from new LBS bloggers, hear 'Yes, I've read the blog of a girl who tried, but failed to enter LBS' at the LBS2008 meeting and still see the link to my notes on the current students' diaries. Thanks a lot! This means so much to me... this means that those things I wrote turned out to be useful and interesting to many people, and it is a highest praise any blogger might dream of. And thanks for support, everyone, my journey continues :)