Wednesday, September 27, 2006

First Russian LBS blogger!

Traditionally new LBS bloggers are reported by Divine Miss N and Angel Angie, but this time I decided to create a new tradition.
Let me introduce you to Genie in a bottle: First year LBS MBA student from Moscow who has just started her blog! Good luck girl, we are all looking forward to read you stories!
(and I have run away to talk to my recommender :))

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Chicago Students Reception, 18th Sep, Moscow

Yesterday I managed to get to the reception organized by current Chicago GSB students, Oleg and Katya (Oleg has a LiveJournal in Russian).
Good example (and thank you, guys, if you’re reading)!
I hope to host a similar event when I'll be an MBA student myself ;). I only wish Russian LBS or Harvard or Columbia students could come to Moscow for a cup of tea and tell the audience about their experiences. We are not at all spoilt with b-school attention in Russia :)
It was long time ago when I attended such an interesting and useful meeting.
So... brief takeaway:
1. Why Chicago?
  • electives, no 'core' (flexible study group as a consequence)
  • much value is given to facts and figures
  • big city (has consulting offices, but banks are mainly in NY)

2. Being a bookie I have added "The Goal" to my wish list (read at Operations course and Operations is the essence of Consulting).
3. Post MBA opportunity I haven't ever thought of: VC in IT. My experience will be valuable in accessing start-ups. Not that I viewed VCs as dream-job having heard about them only from developers' side :)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

A few photos from Spain

I wanted to spend this Sunday creeping on my HBS application, but ApplyYourself is down now, so I decided to post some photos from my holiday in Spain :)
As for my choice of schools (this is the most popular question I receive in comments), the list is short: LBS, Harvard, MIT and Chicago. I'm exploring the latter two and not sure that I'll have time to do them in Round 1. A friend from NYU Stern is coming to Moscow this week so I'm also hoping for a lecture on NY opportunities.

Is this beast called 'lobster'?

Beware, it is fresh! (sketch on a restaurant wall)

Coastline near Sant Antonio de Calogne

A mountainview from the citywall in Girona

A piece of ceiling of Dali house in Figueras

Night view on Palamos

UPD: I've somehow managed to delete my entire blog template. So all the links in the righthand bar have disappeared. I will restore them as soon as I can...